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Jane McGarvey

Kinesiologist, Bowen Therapist,
Empowerment Specialist


Intuition Immersion 3 day Retreat

3 days of in depth exploration into your soul aspect to create a more authentic alignment with your Intuition. Over the 3 days, you will enjoy many experiences, activities and Spiritual discussions as you learn new ways to fully open up and connect with your Intuition, Higher Self and Spiritual Guidance Team.

⚜ Breathe ⚜ Connect ⚜ Ignite ⚜ Explore ⚜ Balance ⚜


We will also be exploring sharing energy, light principles and activation of soul memories..


This Experiential Immersion will provide a sacred space of healing and expansion, in a tropical setting, that will awaken you from deep within your core.


Your gift bag includes: your pendulum, a chakra kit, a vibrational remedy, your comprehensive manual.


Small group size. 


All vegetarian meals are included in your fee. Cost $666


Spiritual Meditation Day

This 6 hour Workshop is designed to teach you how to drop deeper into your every day Meditation

practice  so that you can feel more peace within your soul purpose.  The meditations are to clear away

any blockages that you may have to receiving psychic messages. and to connecting with your higher

self and Guides.

You will learn how to:

- clear and enhance your chakra centres 
- activate your pineal gland and release more melatonin
- travel up to meet your spirit guide/s, angels, animal guide/s 
- view your life path and learn how to open up more options by creating new neural pathways 
- learn how to feel energy and to connect it with others
- follow simple techniques to send and receive healing's


Relax to the sound of the Crystal bowls as you are taken on many guided spiritual journey's into your Spiritual Realm by an experienced teacher.  Suitable for all meditation skill levels, but most suitable to those with some experience of dropping into a meditation state.Please bring your own mat, pillow and blanket. The price includes your vegetarian lunch and herbal teas.  Cost $121. 


Kinesiology Self Testing

Are you interested in learning how to bypass your conscious mind?
Have you been looking for a way to manage your own health? Naturally?
Would you like to learn how to bring only the most useful strategies into your lfe?
Have you lost the connection to your intuition?

- Gain confidence with your Self Testing
- Emotional Stress Release Techniques
- Identify problem areas/people in your life
- Check for supports that your body needs
- Balance your Chakra and Clean your Aura
- Manage your stress naturally
- Test for mind/body connections
- Learn how to test on others

The cost for this 4 hour Workshop will be $101 and includes all of your materials, including your booklet to take home.


Self testing image.png

10 week Soul Journey Program

Over the 10 week school term, we meet once a week (for an hour) for a Guided Meditation that will explore your Soul and Spiritual aspects. You will be guided by the relaxing sounds of the crystal bowls as we open and clear our chakra centers before opening up to journeying into our Spiritual realm. Each week, we will practice different techniques, repeating only what the group finds most interesting.

Each week we will finish with a ten minute discussion of our experiences and the information that was channeled through.  Suitable for all meditation levels.

Coolum Lions Hall or ONLINE format available.

NB. This is not a casual class as we will be working to build skill level and independent confidence over the 10 week program.

COST: $50 by online transfer when enrolling and then the remaining $70 payment for the term is due by the 3rd week I only have room for the first 12 people who pay their deposit.


Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach believed that illness was the result of a conflict between the purposes of the soul and the personality's actions and outlook. This internal war, he concluded, leads to negative moods and to "energy blocking", thought to cause a lack of "harmony", thus leading to physical diseases. He developed a system of prescribing flower remedies based on his perceived psychic connections to the plants.  If he felt a negative emotion, he would hold his hand over different plants, and if one alleviated the emotion, he would ascribe the power to heal that emotional problem to that plant.


He imagined that early-morning sunlight passing through dew-drops on flower petals transferred the healing power of the flower onto the water, so he would collect the dew drops from the plants and preserve the dew with an equal amount of brandy to produce a mother tincture which would be further diluted before use. The Bach Flower remedy system is a very gentle and natural way of resolving pain and disease. There are no known side affects and they are perfectly safe for people of all ages and animals to use. 


What are Bach Flower Remedies & why they can be so effective? We can break them into the Emotional Groups; The Seven Helpers  for our fixed or habit of being; The Twelve Healers for Personality Types; The Second Nineteen for Everyday Emotional States to make prescribing easier than ever before. 

During this 4 hour Workshop, I will show you how to prescribe & make a vibrational remedy. Cost $95  includes one take home Bach Flower Remedy combination, morning/afternoon tea, and handouts. Your Bach Flower Remedy Stock kit would be extra and you would need to order that of your own accord, if you choose to take the knowledge further. 

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Mobile: 0478 438 439 (text preferred initially)

Sessions can be done face to face or remotely via email or video call.
Contact Jane if you would like to have her facilitate a group session and Spiritual games at your party.
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