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Jane McGarvey

Kinesiologist, Bowen Therapist,
Empowerment Specialist


Spiritual Alignment & Kinesiology Services

While I was working with Clients in my Progressive Kinesiology practice, I became increasingly aware that I was being guided to open up to higher methods of healing.  I had severe vision fatigue and the sensation that I was going blind! When I did some self testing around this issue, I realized that I had a limiting belief that I could not have my psychic vision as well as my worldly vision. After clearing this incorrect mindset, I began along the pathway to opening up my psychic energy.
Along with this psychic exploration, I have grown as a Practitioner and I have combined my Meditation expansion techniques to formulate my own brand of Spiritual Kinesiology.  I now have the ability to work as a channel between the physical and the spiritual realms to assist my Clients in the most powerful way to bring about massive changes and huge breakthroughs in the quest for  their own Spiritual awakening.

I now work in a very dynamic way that takes a Kinesiological approach to identify and open up your psychic channel, so that I can connect with your Spiritual Guidance team to identify and align you with your higher self and illuminate soul purpose. Don't worry, even if you are afraid to know who and what you might be, the information is still always useful for when you are ready to step into your divine self. 

Spiritual Attunement

Release & Empower

Got a burning question or two that you need insight around? Or maybe you just want to let go of something simple that is annoying you but cannot work out how to?
Book a phone call or send via email for this 15 minute express reading.
Book your appointment: 
Mobile: 0478 438 439 (text preferred initially)

Sessions can be done face to face or remotely via email or video call.
Contact Jane if you would like to have her facilitate a group session and Spiritual games at your party.

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