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Progressive Kinesiology
The modality of Kinesiology refers to a style of practice that utilizes the muscle test result to uncover your true cause of dis-ease by bypassing the conscious mind. There are many different styles of Kinesiology and the treatment that you get from one Kinesiologist to another of a different style, might be vastly different. 
Jane McGarvey holds a Diploma in Progressive Kinesiology. This branch of Kinesiology was founded in the United Kingdom in 2000 by Elizabeth Hughes and Miranda Welton. It is a truly holistic modality that works to bring together emotional, nutritional, physical and the energetic aspects of the individual. The word "progressive" refers to the approach of this style of Kinesiology that works by peeling back the layers of your symptoms to give the deepest healing possible. We work together to resolve the true root cause of your dis-ease. It is a much more hands on, practical approach than some other styles.

By using the Muscle Test response, I am able to listen to your body and to unlock hidden information that you have buried within. This information is then used to heal, reprogram and to clear negative programs and behaviors that may be manifesting in your life as illness and dis-ease. I can cleary identify age relevance, key people and key events, so that the guesswork is taken out of the equation for the true cause of your condition. So you do not need to know why you feel the way that you do, you only need to have the courage to identify, heal and release it. 



A session in the Sunshine Coast Clinic will give you insight and awareness into what makes you tick, giving you back your personal power as I work with you to release and heal on very profound and lasting levels.  Most conditions are either healed or greatly improved within 1 to 3 Progressive Kinesiology sessions depending on many varying factors.
In your first session,  a detailed case history of the patterns in your life, such as:
Previous health or illness history
Emotional and psychological history
Significant Traumas
Surgeries and genetic patterns
Workplace situation
Family and Relationships
Financial pressures
Spiritual practices and Relaxation time
Exercise and nutritional goals
This process provides a roadmap of where you are in your life and where you would rather be. Each session balances your energetic system towards an agreed and defined goal. There will often be a list of home support for you to do between sessions and follow up work may be required as your life goals change.
Kinesiology is not like a relaxing massage, it is a tool for you to gain as much information as possible on what is holding you back from true, deep seated happiness. Once the root cause has been uncovered, your session will become a treatment session as your body will decide the most apporpriate way to release this true cause. Your body will indicate what you require, from emotional release, nutritional support, sturctural alignment, or energetic pathways.
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