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Jane McGarvey

Kinesiologist, Bowen Therapist,
Empowerment Specialist



Hour of Power Spiritual Alignment 

Awaken and align all of your Spiritual centres with this relaxing hour of Power! receive insight to incite & ignite your deepest desires, strengthening connection with your intuition and deepest knowing. Together we will work to open and to expand your own Psychic mastery, clearing blocks and barriers that are holding you back.

During your session, Jane will tune into your Spiritual Guidance team, using her intuitive gifts to read and channel, in accordance with your highest and best soul desires. learn more about your clair gifts and how to use them.

This session is a cross between a psychic reading and a realignment of your soul.


You are welcome to record your skype/messenger session, as there is often a lot of information that will channel through.

Please note, this session is not targeted at health care or wellness, but you may notice health benefits as a result of clearing the the barriers that are prevented you from your ultimate state of functionality. This session has been designed for alignment, information and entertainment.

Session cost $160 AUD

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My Story

While I was working with Clients in my Kinesiology practice, I became increasingly aware that I was being guided to open up to higher methods of healing.  I had severe vision fatigue and the sensation that I was going blind! It was a bit of a blur back then as I had one foot in the learn'ed world and one foot in the Spiritual, leaving me with a deep sense that there had to be more.
When I did some self testing around this issue, I realised that I had a limiting belief that I could not have my psychic vision as well as my worldly vision. After clearing this incorrect mindset, I began along the pathway to opening up my psychic energy and opening up my pathway to my clair gifts.
Along with this psychic exploration, I have grown as a Practitioner and I have combined my Meditation expansion techniques to formulate my own style of Spiritual Alignment.  I now have the ability to work as a channel between the physical and the spiritual realms to assist my Clients in the most powerful way to bring about massive changes and huge breakthroughs in the quest for  their own Spiritual awakening.  
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