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Jane McGarvey

Kinesiologist, Bowen Therapist,
Empowerment Specialist


I am Elaya Jane 

At the time of the full moon in July 2023, I had several profound events take place. I had been in a deep meditation space for several days, recovering from dental surgery, detoxifying the anaesthesia and releasing shock.

I had signed up for an essential procedure, that turned out to be more work than initially expected, due to the 2 year hesitation that I had had. I needed to have part of my jaw drilled and ground away and a bone graft stitched in place.
This deep tearing away of my physical structure held strong significance for me as I had been working for the previous 8 years at throwing off past limitations and moving beyond centuries of structured thought, weighted lineage, and limited happiness. I had been asking to be shown the new structure in which I could create me new life. And so it began….

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I was in an altered state during the procedure, calm and relaxed. I had the best dentist, chosen for me. I entered the first level of shock 15 minutes after the procedure, in the waiting room. I allowed it to move through my body, teary and shaky, not needing to stuff it down. I shock my body out and grounded back into the Earth. The next layer of shock revealed itself 26 hours later and this was a big one.

My body shook uncontrollably with the pain that I had carried for a lifetime, the burden of so much weight of lineage, the limits that trauma had placed on me and how much it had sabotaged my own divine experience of being embodied in my human space.  I cried like a baby, allowed myself to be held, crumbling to the ground. I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself, I was feeling empowered and chose to surrender to the divinity that had kept me alive for the 52 years thus far. 
I spent the next two days in and out of meditation, in and out of life really, with Pachelbel's “Canon” on repeat, anchoring my physical so that I could be attuned to the new energy that I had known would come one day.

During this initiation of sorts, I healed and released all that my life had been, I sobbed like a baby for the human that was being transformed, tears for my human’ness that would be forever altered. I received two very important Spiritual gifts: a golden chain of 5 links, dropped in through my Hara Chakra and my Spiritual Name, Elaya.

And so I am, Elaya Jane!

I am still Jane, I was always Elaya, I am still committed to living as a human, but I can now move freely between realms, accessing higher truths and living in divine alignment. The mission given to me was to teach other people how to gain their own unique freedom and if they chose to, move beyond limitations, and join the unrestricted dimensional reality that I now enjoy.

The Embodiment Package

A 90 minute Embodiment session to get you started where we can map out intentions, goals, expectations.

One online 45 minute Embodiment session each week to keep you focused and on track.

One 30 minute guided live stream Embodiment Meditation each week.

One hour group session each month.

Invitation to our annual 3 day retreat, October 2024.

Packages begin on the first of every month.

Introductory Package cost:

$444 for the first month, then monthly subscription fee $333. 

Cancel 7 days prior to the end of any month.

NB> This is an online service only.

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Book your package or Enquire if it is right for you: 
Mobile: 0478 438 439 (text preferred initially)

Why choose an Online Embodiment Package?

This package is an offer for anyone who is looking to have major breakthroughs in their lives.
This relates to balance in all areas: relationships/health/work/spirituality.

As an Embodiment Specialist and Spiritual Kinesiologist, it is my goal to assist other people to step into their full power during their current lifetime. A consolidation of mind <> body <> soul by applying elements of Spirituality and Universal Laws.

I take a unique approach to open up your awareness to what it is to be in true harmony with all aspects of your human expression. Love, forgiveness, and release are all easy applications once you have been shown how to apply these principles in a way that you can truly understand. I can help you to cultivate a deeper connection with your soul and alignment with your life purpose.

Through spiritual awareness and exploration, I can support you to uncover your own highest belief system, your strongest values, and share with you, intuitive insight around the experiences that you have had thus far, fostering a deeper sense of self and a quiet acceptance of what it has been to have lived your life this far.

During an online Embodiment session with me, I will teach you hw to apply specialized techniques to release energy blockages, move stagnant energy, calm overactive neural networks (monkey chatter mind), open up natural energy centres so that you can feel more empowered in your life.

The truth is that you were born to be amazing! Let me show you how.
Book your appointment: 
Mobile: 0478 438 439 (text preferred initially)

Sessions can be done face to face or remotely via email or video call.
Contact Jane if you would like to have her facilitate a group session and Spiritual games at your party.
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