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Love the HECK out of your Inner Child for the sake of Humanity!

We are in an amazing time of awakening, enlightenment and self realization, with a higher vibration blanketing the planet, we are inching closer to a higher state of human consciousness. This is the time of an unprecedented amount of enlightened beings on the planet! We have passed the magic number of people on the planet, who believe in world peace, so now the rest of the world can be infected with that belief, without even necessarily being conscious of it! Trippy right?


But it is not all chocolate and roses…..


It is a time of upheaval, insecurity and the deafening realisation that the old ways are no longer working. All of our old mindsets, patterns, behaviours are being thrust into our full view, whether we chose to acknowledge them or not. If you observe someone else's behaviour and it offends you in any way, look inside! You can be sure that it will be hiding within you somewhere.


It’s time to take an authentic view of who you truly are! Get to know the parts of you that you choose not to know. Find the child within who is still carrying the pain from childhood and LOVE the heck out of them so that you may heal on all levels.


I still catch myself being judgemental, critical and impatient with others. I am not proud of it when these behaviours rise up, but I can acknowledge that I am them and they are me. I am after all, still human, and as long as these behaviours still exist within the collective consciousness, I will still be involved in playing them out to some degree.


I grew up in Canberra, back in the 70’s when it was more a country town than a city. Life was pretty cruisy back then. We were polite to strangers, ate what Mum cooked, tried not to get in trouble with Dad, wore hand me downs often but not all the time, no-one had too much, everyone shared with others who had less, you said hello to everyone you passed on the street, we knew half the neighbourhood, made friends with the kids whether we liked them or not, and our boundaries were 2 blocks wide! 


I do not remember being judgmental, critical and impatient back then! We were pretty trusting and accepting of the differences between other people in the community and the time that different things took. So I wonder at what age it all changed? Why did I adapt views that were unkind to others? And unkind to the self?


The short answer is that after the age of 7 we naturally come to a place of looking at where and how we fit in with our community. This is a developmental stage and a natural part of emotional maturity. We begin to look outside of our families to work out who we are, by adopting the way that other people see us. For the first time we are affected by more than our family dynamics and it amplifies everything.


Of course they judged us, criticised us, got impatient with us….. because we are little kids…... strangers to them. They did not have a vested interest in celebrating us or our emotional wellbeing. 


I remember when I was having trouble with bad breath as an adult, halitosis. I brushed my teeth 3 times a day, gargled mouthwash, flossed….. but I still had this horrible taste at the back of my throat that I was pretty sure others could smell. So I had a Kinesiology session to try and get to the bottom of the emotion that might have been fuelling it as I wasn’t getting any answers from anywhere else. 


My session took me back to when I was 8 years old and a little girl who was painfully shy. I had received a birthday invitation from the cutest little boy that I had ever seen, he had invited the whole class, but for me in my perspective, he had invited ME!  When it was time to go home from school I realised that I could not go to the party because I could not give the invitation to my family. If I had handed the invite over, they would have seen how much I wanted to go and how much I liked this boy. I was afraid that they would tease me. 


Honestly I have a pretty amazing family and my life has been filled with love and laughter for most of it, but in our family, teasing and making fun of each other was classed as a sport. As a painfully shy little girl, that was a scary situation. I threw the invite into the school bin before I went home, I was so worried that I didn’t even want to take the risk of using the home bin! 


My bad breath was being fuelled from the bitterness that I still carried, from the wound that I had taken on, of not being able to be seen in a vulnerable light, by those who loved me the most.  I was an adult with children of my own, and I was still worried about judgement, criticism and people being impatient with me, needing to hide my vulnerability. My shadow had been revealed and it was time to love the HECK out of my 8 year old self.


Reach into your memories and try to find when it all changed for you, when the judgement, criticism and impatience became natural responses for you, then love the HECK out of your child self just as I did! 


Together we can heal our singular and collective wounds. 

Together we will show up for humanity in peace,love and honor.

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