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Express Clearing

This 15 minute session has been designed for anyone needing a bit of clarification, support with a decision, or a general energy balance. Jane will be using specialised techniques to get to tap into your Spiritual Guidance team, to align you with your highest and best truth.

This session is perfect if you have a burning question (or 2) that you need help to answer!  It can also be used to "top-you-up" in between the full Spiritual Alignment sessions that Jane offers or as a general energy balance and top up.
These prepaid sessions are via phone call or text message.
If you cannot find a time on the booking system, please text Jane directly to organise: +61478 438 439

After you have made your booking, please email Jane:
1) your date of birth
2) dot-point list of 1-2 questions OR how you are feeling within your being if you are seeking an energy balance
3) an idea of availability and preference for phone or text

Session fee is $45 AUD for each 15 minute express session.

Candle Burning Ritual


Jane has been channeling information for clients, during sessions, since 2013. She has worked very deeply to clear her own being so that she is able to stand aside and allow information to come through for those who request it. 


Each session will have a positive spin to empower and enrich the choices that you may choose to make. Please do remember that the future is always fluid and there are truly no wrong choices, only the choices that you make. 

Above the Clouds


Jane McGarvey via message:

Skype >>> live:.cid.67e828ce6741e59a

Messenger >>> Jane McGarvey

Mobile >>> 61 478 438 439 

Email >>>

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