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Jane McGarvey
Kinesiologist, Bowen Therapist,
Empowerment Specialist

Teen Redirection Therapy

This 40 minute session has been designed for 12 to 16 year olds who are struggling with direction, acceptance, identity, reactivity, anxiety and/or depression. Jane will be using specialised techniques to get to the heart of the underlying issue, in the shortest possible time, with the most minimal upset for your child. 

Each session will come with a report of underlying patterns/triggers/factors and instructions for your child to support the treatment and move beyond the underlying patterns and behaviours. It is advisable that a parent or guardian is available to sit with the child during each session, as long as the teen is comfortable.

After you have made your booking, please email Jane:

1) your teen's date of birth

2) dot-point list of 1-3 concerns that your teen is experiencing

3) a list of siblings and ages

4) major traumas and dates

5) an idea of availability and preference for skype/messenger/zoom

3 sessions are generally required, 2 weeks apart. Session fee is $75 AUD for each 40 minute session.

Casual Side View Pose


Jane is very passionate about working with teenagers and has a unique way of getting them to open up. As Kinesiologist, Holistic Counsellor, mother of 4 and a former Scout Leader, she has learned how to connect and gain trust, using her intuitive gifts to unravel the triggers that are holding them in their distress.


A session will always be fun and empowering for your teen.

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