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Jane McGarvey

4 week Meditation Course

If you have ever thought of bringing weekly Meditation into your life, then this short course has been designed to suit you. The 4 week Meditation Workshop will teach you the value of regular Meditation, allow you to take control over your own stress response, develop new habits as you commit to transforming your life from the inside out.


  • We meet 2 times per week for the 4 week period and practice 4 styles of meditation

  • Mindfulness, Zen, Transcendental, Spiritual

  • Each session will consist of a 15 minute discussion about the style of Meditation that we will be practicing for the week, a 30 minute meditation, a 15 minute open discussion

  • Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 7 pm to 8 pm in Yaroomba

  • Cost is $90 at the first meeting

  • Group maximum number 8

Mindfulness Meditation promotes Breath awareness and body scan techniques, to bring you into conscious awareness with your body. This awareness promotes a heightened sense of awareness and unleashing the potential for release of stress and tension.
Zen Meditation is great for busy minds as it allows you to observe your thoughts, your surroundings and your body as you learn to sit in non-judgement and passive acceptance of how you sit within your current time space. This technique emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment and the personal expression of insight.
Transcendental Meditation, or Mantra Meditation, uses a mantra to provide a vibrational point of focus during meditation. Your mantra will be selected for you and you will develop a deep affinity with the vibration of the sound as you bring it into your meditation practice.
Spiritual Meditation begins as a Chakra Meditation and concludes as a connection to your higher self and to source energy. During this practice, you may receive spiritual messages from guides or directly from source energy. This practice develops a deep sense of connectedness and is great to illuminate your path ahead.
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